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Sunday, June 23, 2019

SCFest 2019 Saturday

I am not sure that Don likes Mark getting sweet on Miss Barbara.

Black on black. Keep it classy.

This camping spot is such a great venue.

Into Bonham for a bite to eat. We highly recommend The Shepard Family Cafe, if you get out this way.

It ain't a Shovelhead party until something breaks. Hyram's neat sissybar wasn't quite up to the full on camping gear load and metal fatigue set in and lots of vibes later it broke. The wires that lit up the glass door knob grounded out and blew the fuse for the whole bike. And of course we didn't have spare fuses. 

I helped a little bit with the repairs, but of course, I took some wildflower pictures, too, though.

We made it back to camp.

Hyrum fixed his sissy bar. If you can't fix it with bailing wire and electrical tape, then you ain't using enough.

Shemp resting his eyes.

A toast to KentRRRR.

Mark didn't leave much for the rest of us.

SCfest 2019 Friday

On the road and headed to Honey Grove once again.

Yes, the Kawasaki goes to yet another Shovelhead party. Mama Tried is still losing spark at like 4k, I have given up after multiple parts swapping and I sent her to Daniel at Longbow Custom to figure out.

We made it. Texas Mark was all worried that I brought a new guy with me, Hyram.

Everyone seems to like Hyram's bike though.

The regular nice breeze off West Lake Crockett was more of a gale this year.

The usual folks doing the usual stuff.

Sam was doing what dogs do.


The end is near.... Pibb has got a smartphone now.

Liz's friend Kay was a great addition to the party.

"Hey Mark, tell me about that girl you met on Tinder." Vern.

"Wow." Vern.

"Where's Sam?"

Don rolls in with pizza and beer.

Please to meet ya.

"Don, where's the Lonestar?"

There were some motorcycles even.

"Hey Mark, tell me about that girl you met on Tinder, again" Vern.

I kept waiting on Wilks to say some smart ass shit, but I was sorely disappointed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Shovelfest IX - Saturday Part 2

These two are real cute, too.

Jaime and Mamacita.

At the bar in the woods...

She was a decent barkeep and danced a bit, too.

ShovelJack seems to be having fun.

The Hounddog is enjoying himself as well.

Really enjoying himself.

Kenny the Cableguy spreading peace and unity.

Just resting her eyes.

Raffle time!

Pibb signs the oar to hang on the wall.

The crew that has made Shovelfest every time.

Trish made a quilt for Jack and everyone signed that, too.

She rallied back!!!

Good times.

Shovelfest Veteran.

So dapper.

So smooth.


As a rule, don't let Ralph hold your moonshine.

So much distain in one picture.

Still ghey, Paul.

I don't think Cory was ready for this one.

Two fine Southern gentlemen.