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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The church sign AKA the tricky roof deal

Here's the trick. The church is in the corner of the strip mall. We need to stick the sign where it can be seen from the road and the parking lot and not over another business.

I thought it was straight forward with everything at 45 degree angle. A few cuts with a compound miter saw and I built a frame in shop. This should have been an hour job onsite. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The roof is a 30-60-90 set-up. So I had to refigure and recut everything with circular saw. Here's was my first successful cut end.

I always forget how to use these things, but I think I have it down now.

I did have to completely re-do one these, but here are my front supports.

Now that they are right, we have figure out where to put them.

Then we screwed the supports on to the roof and checked things again.

I hadn't planned to do the back supports like this, but it worked. It took a try or two, but we figured out the correct compound cuts. I should have put a level on the front support before marking the top cut on the back support.

This should actually work.

Stiffen things with a crosspiece.

Remember I should have used a level? We had to adjust this one from the top to the side, because the sign was tweaked a bit. This is ugly, but effective.

The sign is up mostly square, wired, and ready to go. Watch online if you can't come in person.

Back of the oil bag

Chase this hole with pipe thread tap.

Smoke these fittings down.

Looking good, but we are still short a plug for the last hole.

Now to plan our all-thread studs for the back of the oil bag.

Center punch...

Center drill...


This one doesn't line up, but other side did. We had to put the hole in the frame in this location, so something is not quite even, either the frame or oil bag, no surprise either way.

Make a new hole for it.

Now we can put the nuts on the mounts and cut the all-thread to length. I love my right angle attachment and EZ Lock cut off wheels for my Dremel.

We'll need more nuts, washers, and red loctite , but otherwise we're good to go. Plumbing the oil lines and running the wires will be next.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honda earns its stripes

Okay, I have this '76 Trail 90 that I learned to ride on my Grandpappy's farm as very young man. I rescued it from my Dad's shop several yes back and did a cosmetic restoration, but I never really finished it. It a good from far bike, but far from correctly restored bike, but it's mine and it's fun. So I finally got a set of decals for it, to put it in the show next month. The instructions are pretty clear.

Original airbox and the replacement side by side. The original's decal is nowhere near straight or centered down the middle ridge of the airbox, but I think it should be.

Clean with alcohol.

Figure out the center of the decal.

Painters' tape to mark to the ridge. It is really tough to see.

Mark the other end.

Mark the bottom line for the decal. 0.75inch off the ridge.

Blue tape just below where I want the sticker.

Alcohol the area again.

Mist with soapy water per the instructions.

Peel the backing.

Stick it and leave a tiny line of orange above the blue.

Carefully peel the other backing.

Work out any bubbles and make sure it's where you want it.

Looks good.

hhmmm... I think this one is as downhill as the original was uphill.

Frame cover time.

The hump on this late model CT110 cover is in different place than the original cover.

The complex curves made this side tricky. I had trouble laying the blue tape and the getting the decal stuck down.

Looks great! With all the angles you couldn't tell if it was right or wrong.

This side was easy, just a straight shot.

I got this sticker, but I ain't putting it on. Preserve nature? Wear helmet? Think safety? Don't freaking tell me what to do!

This is a cool one though. I doubt this bike will ever see 6000ft, but it's nice to know it could.

Tire pressure is important, too.
I'm not sure where the no passenger sticker is suppose to go. Why did they put buddy pegs on the swingarm? The lo range sticker goes on the chainguard, but I would have to move the bike to put that one, so I'll do that later.