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Friday, July 31, 2015

Shovelfest VIII Sunday Part 1

Not a lot to post about Sunday morning. I had to get up and gone for sure. Trent had already left to get home a day earlier to take care of some stuff. I think he has a roadside repair and law enforcement encounter stories to tell though.

Dean had rolled in from South Dakota late Saturday night and I talked with him ever so briefly. I figured I would get some pics of his crazy machine that he rode in on.

Shovelfest VIII Saturday Part 6

Tennessee sunset.

The line for Jeff's Bar-B-Que.

Marv and others work to get Kelly's bike back to operational.

The thank you's, announcements, and raffle. The camera was not cooperating at all in these lighting conditions.

Shovelfest VIII Saturday Part 5

Man, I am going to have to spend more than a 100 bucks on a camera. I can't figure out why some shots are perfect, and some are blurry. It could be the operator though, too.

Group picture time.

Oh man, I totally need some of this for my pegboard. Anyone that has some probably thinks they are chopper gold though.

It almost wasn't official and then HDLiz did show up. :D :D

Shovelfest VIII Saturday Part 4

Lunch at the Doyle Restaurant.

More eye resting.

More wrenching.

I have to wonder how long this pull top can has been stuck right here.

"I don't care how they do it where you're from. This is a North Carolina whole hog pulled pork Bar-B-Que."

Shovelfest VIII Saturday Part 3

"Yeah, I'm standing by the coolest bike here."

Almost as handy as a hammer strapped to a down tube.

Len's bike has an auxiliary cooling system.

The Chicago tax tag is out of date though.

My camera is not high definition enough to capture the beads of sweat all over Mark's head.

"Just resting my eyes."

Shovelfest VIII Saturday Part 2