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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 8

Here's a look at Trent's super secret squirrel set-up. Hand shift with foot clutch and a hand clutch. The hand clutch being for stops.

This is Trent's super secret squirrel oil pump plug.

Yes, Jason's e-starter came loose again. I keep telling him to go kick only, but...

Another cool shovelhead outside the show.

Shovel Bum's bike is actually looking like a bike these days.

Okay, I don't get it. Yes, I made a recent model bike look old with a faux primer paint job, but there is a bunch of money in these bikes and the paint has been scuffed to crap to look cool, but the bikes don't even look old.

This is suppose to be the fastest street Harley in the state.

This a good example of a bike that could be built reasonably well for a reasonable cost with swapmeet parts, except the motor of course.

I'm not a whitewall fan, but otherwise it is solid and simple.

More man shifting.

Another Jeff Williams OKC show in the books.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 7

Mike's Pan. Rode in, rode out.

Man shifting.

Texas Mark's both.

Cool girder.

I have met the owner of the 1948 with all the chrome in background. I'm not sure who owns the more stockish 1948 in the foreground.

Here's my haul on the day. Brake pads for my bike's goofy 77-83 DD Narrow glide to wideglide front end. Those were from Mark's "shop in the nineties". A brand new made in USA 25 tooth transmission sprocket. Some mismatched pop bottle grips and of course some pegs for the pegboard.

A broke shovelhead that wasn't one of ours. It was just a battery problem.

Airhead with a Vetter rig.

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 6

More complete than that other springer, but way more money.

The motorcycle show outside the motorcycle show.

I got a new camera for Christmas and I figured I would play with some its features. This a movie digest mode. It has potential, if I can figure it out a bit.

This was done with the creative shot mode. It made like six pictures from one shot and did all kinds of cropping and filter deals. This one turned out cool of Jason's bike. (I blanked the tag on my computer though.)

This one was actually captured in the same exposure as the previous.

The engine crank leak fix seems to be good, but this is my new leak.

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 5

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 4

Murder out new Indian.

This was the coolest bike in the show. I thought so anyway. I don't think I have seen this one before.

This picture turned out nice. I held the camera low and shot upward. I need try this technique more often.


I will always swear that a Harley Breakout looks like a Yamaha Raider. The Yamaha came out first so you can't scream that a Jap bike copied H-D.

Mike's knuckle. It's a rider. He rode it to show and home from it.

Cool stuff. The motor is mutt with an alternator left case, so no title or numbers. The springer is a late model HD. I know who bought it.

Jeff Williams OKC Bike Show 2016 - Part 3

Part 3 - Enjoy the purty bikes.