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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some assembly required

I had to pose these while I could.

Press out the crank assembly

Went down to my dad's shop to get press the crank assembly out.

All lined up and ready to go. Note the spacer bar.

Some things you shouldn't admit to or post on the internet. For the record I Pat was holding the parts and I was pumping and should have been holding bar. My dad was holding the video camera. Pat is explaning how a harley crank assembly is installed in the video to my dad, when things get out of hand. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, but I wasn't planning on reusing the crank assembly.

All most bare left case.

These two races could be removed at this point, but we opted to leave them so we wouldn't lose the spacer between them.

Crank assembly. I think is the only 1982 Harley piece on this bike and it's not going back into it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Splitting Shovelhead Crankcases

I only thought I was ready to split cases. There's still a lot things in the camchest.

This funny nut needs to come out. The manual I had didn't mention it, but I had a tip that it maybe left handed. I bumped it both ways and yes it is left handed.

Pinion gear pulls off.

Woodruff key.

Oil pump worm gear and spacer slide off.

Another woodruff key.

It's hard to get a picture of, but there is a snap ring on the holding the oil pump drive gear to the oil pump drive shaft.

Pull the oil pump driveshaft, then get the gear and woodruff key out.

Now we can split the cases.

All the socket head bolts come out except the timing plug (the big old headed one at 12 o'clock)

The Delkron bolts are a different set-up than stock studs I believe.

I knocked the wristpens out and removed the pistons, but didn't get a shot. I pulled one wrist pen keeper from the front piston, but the rear was already missing a keeper and ready to go.

I put the motor on the left side on pallet so the output shaft had a place to go.

A whack or two and ...

Presto! Split cases!

The crank assembly stays in the left case until you press it out. That will be done on Sunday when I have access to nice press.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Found it.

Shovelhead stripped to the cases

I have to get the engine out of the frame. This guard has to go. A nut up front...

Two nuts behind the clutch basket.

Undo the lockwashers.

Pull the adjustment lock nut.

Put a washer on behind the lock nut.

Take off the stud nuts and you can put the "sandwich" out of the way.

Hold the connecting rod and hit the front hub nut with the impact.

Piece of cake.

With the belt, front pulley, clutch basket off, the guard comes right off.

Unplug the regulator.

Take out the motor mount bolts.

The nose cone needs to come off, because I don't want to cut and/or reroute the wires for the ignition.

I didn't pictures, so you if want details look here. I should have put a pan under it though.

Pinch these off and take them off.

The breather piece wouldn't need to come off to get the engine out of the frame, but I know it won't fit in my engine stand though.

Take off the oil breather line, too.

Get out all the motor mount bolts and the engine is out and into the stand. I don't remember it being so heavy last time.

On to the bench.

Dang! I should have dropped the trap drop while it was in the frame and not the stand.

Tappets come out.

Cam out and bagged.

Breather gear.

More crap in the breather gear.

Oil pump comes off. Again more details here.

Oil pump looks clean.

My wife's a trooper. She pulled the trap door bolts, while I held the crankcase half out of the stand and over the edge of the bench. Thanks, baby! I love you.

Alternator cover comes off.

Pull off the rotor. Remember it's a big maget.

Uncrimp the lock tabs and take out the four screws.

Take out the tiny set screw and don't loose it.

Stator out. I believe that's everything off and splitting cases will be next.