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Truett and Osborn shop visit September 2011
Arley's Barn September 2011
Oklahoma Science Museum 1912 Harley-Davidson March 2012  
Frontier H-D Lincoln, NE July 2012
Trip to Doc's(and Cops) August 2013
Hotsauce's house and The Blue Cow June 2014

Harley Davidson Museum Milwaukee, WI January 2014
Part 1: The Entryway
Part 2: Early V-twins
Part 3: Rest of the 1900's to 1940's Gallery
Part 4: Clubs and Competition
Part 5: The Engine Room
Part6: The Tank Wall
Part 7: Living Lost - Photographs by Josh Kurpius
Part 8: The Restore Room
Part 9: Miscellaneous Stuff
Part 10: The Wall
Part 11: Jumping Stuff
Part 12: "Modern" Gallery
Part 13: Shovelhead Cutaway and Manufacturing
Part 14: The Try-on Room
Part 14: The After Party

Just Kickers
2012 Just Kickers, what a party.
2012 Just Kickers; just jockeys shifters
2013 Just Kickers
2014 Just Kickers report
2014 Just Kickers: Thursday
2014 Just Kickers: Friday Part 1
2014 Just Kickers: Friday Part 2
2014 Just Kickers: Friday Part 3
2014 Just Kickers: Saturday Part 1
2014 Just Kickers: Saturday Part 2

Shovelfest V: Nebraska
Shovelfest V: Jockey Shift Pictures
Shovelfest VI: Fayette, Illinios: Getting There
Shovelfest VI: Most of it any way
Shovelfest VI: Getting home
Shovelfest VI: Souvenirs

South-Central Shovelhead Mini-fest I:

Shovelfest VII: Old Shawneetown, IL- Getting there
Shovelfest VII: Thursday & Friday
Shovelfest VII: Saturday
Shovelfest VII: Sunday
Shovelfest VII: Monday

South-Central Shovelhead Mini-fest II:

Shovelfest VIII: Wednesday
Shovelfest VIII: Thursday Part 1
Shovelfest VIII: Thursday Part 2
Shovelfest VIII: Thursday Part 3
Shovelfest VIII: Friday Part 1
Shovelfest VIII: Friday Part 2
Shovelfest VIII: Friday Part 3
Shovelfest VIII: Friday Part 4
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 1
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 2
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 3
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 4
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 5
Shovelfest VIII: Saturday Part 6
Shovelfest VIII: Sunday Part 1
Shovelfest VIII: Sunday Wrap-up

Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Wednesday First Leg
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Thursday Trip Out
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Thursday Arrival and Party
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Friday Day
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Friday Party
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Saturday Ride
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Saturday Holler House
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Saturday Party
Midwest Mini-Fest 2015: Sunday Wrap-up

Shovelhead Ride Lake Murray April 2010
Kawasaki Shakedown to Red Rock Canyon December 2010
Vulcan run to Guthrie January 2011
Kay County Run April 2012
OKC ABATE Veterans' Day Run to the Capitol 2012
Veterans' Day 2012 Unplanned get-off
Click's Steakhouse June 2015

Jeff Williams Oklahoma City Shows

Seaba Station October 2012

Knucklehead frame
Swapmeet Randoms January 2014
Swapmeet October 2015

1961 Panhead Teardown
2012 Gumball 3000
Perfect Droptop Eldorado
Barn Find Garbage Wagon

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  1. When you tore the 1500 Vulcan down to replace the gears, what would be an estimate of the time frame from start to finish? Excellent pictures and very detailed info, love it. is a better email to contact me...