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Sunday, June 26, 2011

1500 Break-in Crud

I changed the break-in oil in the 1500 today and this is what the screen looked like.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Funny noises and the pushrods were adjusted okay. Evidence of a leaky rear head gasket.

Evidence of a wristpen that has come out and scored the cylinder. I should have put new piston, pins, and keepers in during the last rebuild.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busted Pew

I have to go back to techniques from my furniture building days for this repair. This church pew is busted so I need to fix it.

The guy's fix didn't hold either.

Take out the last screws holding this thing together.

Look, another previous repair attempt.

This tool will drill a pilot hole and counter sink for the new screws.

The counter sink isn't big enough for the dowel to cover the screw to fit in.

So I drilled a counterbore too.

Some glue on the mating surfaces couldn't hurt anything.

The first screw is in and the dowel is glued in over it.

Since I didn't what to scratch up the verneer on the piece, I used a piece of heavy stock to protect it while I flush cut the dowel. If I was working on an unfinished piece I would sand these flat, but I don't think I will on this repair, because there would be a bunch of restaining to do.

New screws and dowels where the old repairs were too. I think I will hit those with some stain and they will be less noticeable.

Brad nail the trim pieces back on and this thing is better than new.

Schemin' and Dreamin'

I've had this in my head for a while now. Picked these two things up at the swapmeet. Now I need the bike to put under this and a set of Dyna mid-sets.