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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oklahoma City 2012 Motorcycle Show

Breakfast. (LtoR) SlickfootJon, me, Cobra, HDracer, and Shovel4Life. Backlighting messed this one up, but I wasn't going to ask the waitress to try again.

Motorcycle hearse.

84 1/4 Softail, 1st Softail, 1st Evo, Last 4speed and kicker. This one ain't bone stock, but cool.

Period correct trikes.

Fallen Heroes tribute bike, last year's people's choice.

HD golf cart.

Clean Ironhead.

Sweet WLA.

Cool bikes, not much change since last year.


Cool Servi.


More man-shifting.

HD knows this guy. Generator Shovel in softail frame.

Hardtail Springer. Panhead bottom(pre-66) and shovelhead top end.

Cool bike, but it hasn't been on the road since '09 according to the tag. Sad.

65 Panhead original Electra-Glide.

Same bike with more bling.


1948 Panhead.

Super clean stock '82 Trail 110.

Sturgis Roller.

Really old bike.

Chopper basket for sale.