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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Kickers 2014 - Saturday Part 2

Still hanging out before the raffle.

Children, beware of Marv the Stage Troll. He will eat you.

Not in focus, but proof that Jack, Susie, and Gayla ride three up, no problem.

Getting ready for the kick start contest.

I didn't get many pictures of the contest. I was too busy kicking and hoping I didn't run out of luck. I popped out in round 4 or so. Pretty respectable for a bike that wouldn't kick consisent after the 93 build and before the Dyna-S.

Then there were three. A black shovelhead(Jason's), a SOHC 750 Honda chop, and the Knucklehead that went the distance last year. I believe the Knucklehead is a 60 inch EL, but I'm not positive. Many folks thought the Honda was the same bike that went to the end last year, but that was Nimrod out of OKC, not this Honda out of Texas.

The contest was great at the end. Several rounds of the three, then off on the petcock and a lap. Then get your buddy to kickstart it. Then get your buddy to kickstart it left footed. All passed those rounds. Then buddy start it and run a lap, remember the gas has been off awhile. The shovelhead ran out of gas first. So they just flipped a coin to see who got first and second place.

The honda won the coin toss and the helmet.

The knuckle won a gift certificate from LowBrow I think.

Kirk thanking everyone for coming out and having fun.

Time for a little power nap.

Susie was done cooking so we went to Smokin' Joes.

Susie and Gayla, BFF's since way before that was a thing on the innerwebs.

Rule #3. If you go to Smokin' Joes split a dinner.

Back at camp the girls wanted to take "cute" pictures. I thought boys were supposed to be the dirty minded ones. Well, I guess Ed's photobombing did prove that point.

Sometimes getting back to your tent is just too much work. This is a friend of a friend's father-in-law and we got him safely back to his tent for the night.

Just Kicker 2014 - Saturday Part 1

Dennis and Super Dave rolled out early.

Shelby's bike, but I had some trouble finding him though.

Breakfast from Susie's kitchen.

So I missed the picture of MadMarv riding cupcake on Mamacita.

Getting ready for the raffle and kickstart contest.