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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chinese Craftsman Torque Wrenches don't click either way

So I have about every Craftsman tool there is and I am generally pleased. Good price point, solid quality, hand tools have lifetime warranty, and mostly made in USA. Well anything with an electric motor was outsourced a long time ago, but hand tools were almost all USA until recently. Craftsman has even taken the "Made in USA" off the stuff that is made in USA in their advertising. It's very frustrating that they won't admit on their website what is USA and what ain't. You have to go to the store and look at the packaging.

I have thought about doing a blog site just to show which Craftsman tools are foreign and which are domestic, but I haven't been bored enough to follow through on it. With the death spiral that Sears and Roebuck are in, it won't be long before all tools are Harbor Freight or way expensive stuff from a tool truck anyway.

I have two smaller torque wrenches from a few years back, not twenty years ago, maybe like 7 years max. Both of these are older Made in USA versions and click in both the standard right-hand thread direction (clockwise) and the less common left-hand thread direction(counterclockwise). These have served me well. I don't know if they are calibrated for counterclockwise, but they seem close enough.

I needed larger torque specifically for doing 4 speed nuts that are left-handed so I bought this torque wrench and it clearly does not click counterclockwise. It will go back to Sears and I will go shopping on eBay.

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