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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vulcan 1500 / 1600 Left Engine Cover Mod

I have always found it amazing that you have to completely take off the floorboard mounts(attached by super long fine pinch bolts) and both the heel and toe shifter to get the left side cover off a 1500 or 1600 Vulcan. I had to get it off today to investigate an oil leak underneath it. So I decide to fix the problem. The problem is the little loop on the front on low part of the cover.

It really seems to serve no purpose, so will the help of a cut-off wheel it's gone now.

The mod was not quite as effective as I had hoped. The heel shifter still gets in the way of the cover coming off with only four bolts. But you only need to loosen the floorboard mount and pull off the heel shifter and then...

off comes the cover. Not as easy as I hoped but still a time and hassle saver.

Oh yeah, both timing caps were loose so I hope the oil leak is solved, but I may need to reseal the alternator wires later.


  1. Well it fixed half the problem. Only taking the heel shifter off shouldn't be too difficult.

    You may want to double check your push rod seal for the leak. I've owned three 1600s and every one of their seals came loose. I just used a bit of gasket maker to secure them back into place.

  2. I was thinking push rod seal, because it seems to be a common, but that area was dry. The plugs were really loose and it's not leaking now.

    Not having to figure out were the splines should be with the little dots with the board completely off made this mod worth it.

  3. JP, very cool modification. I'll likely do then when I change clutch fluid this spring.

    Note, you *could* use a Dremmel with cutoff wheel to cut alignment marks in the end of the shift shaft and the sides of the shifters to aid in re-assembly.