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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Motorcycle Leather Hammer Hanger

So I saw a leather hammer hanger for sale and I wanted one. I had been trying to figure out how to hang hammer on bike since I saw this bike. The leather one seemed more doable for me than a welded set-up.
This project was tougher and longer than it should have been and could have bought two for cost of the tools and materials and I could have bought like five or six for the time I invested. I don't have all the steps laid out as much I would like usually show in a post because I had to back up and punt way too much on this project.

I built these little straps first.

They should have worked something like this. One for the head cover and two for the end of the handle.

Here's the head cover.

It was supposed to work something like this.

One rivet wouldn't hold this thing and I really didn't like the way the straps pulled tight. I would pull the whole dang bike to get it strapped tight, but it was still loose. I did notice that the line 24 snaps were really strong though.

This was my new concept. All snaps and no rivets and no buckles.I'm going for a longer piece to cover the handle and actually rest on the motormount to help hold it up. This one strap seems like it can almost hold the hammer by itself.
Here's how it goes snaps around the frame rail and then around the hammer handle.

Now to get to work on the big piece. Cut a big rectangle.

Layout the holes with my mock-up piece.

This wood working tool helps.

Lines marked.

Now to evenly space the snaps done the piece. About two inches.

All laidout.

Get to making holes.

Holes done and piece dyed and sealed.

All the snaps in place.

That did not fit and snap up at all. The only thing I can figure is that the 3/4 mock-up strap must have stretched easier than a 10 inch wide piece. The material thickness was about the same and snaps were placed the same. I'll remember to mock-up with the same width of material as I am planning to use.

So I had to move the top half of the snaps in both of those rows. Now it fits and has speed holes. It's not quite as tight on the frame as I would like so I think I will cheat with zip ties, too.

Here's the holes for the zip ties and the old snaps.

I think a little strap on the top will help too.

Ready to go. This was ton of work and hopefully works okay. The next leather project will hopefully be easier.

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