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Monday, September 17, 2012

CT70 Shift Shaft Install

I'm going to need to back up just a bit and pull off the stopper plate or star plate. The only reason I put it on temporarily was to keep from me losing the shift drum pins.

As I lost and found and lost and found the swift drum pins, I noticed this pin does not go in as far as the rest. I thought that was odd.

However, it matches a countersink on the star plate to idiot-proof the gear drum timing.

You can see the countersink on the outside of the star plate, too.

On to the shift shaft or gear shift spindle. The old one(top) has this build-on washer. The new OEM Honda one(bottom) does not have the washer.

The parts fiche shows that it is the list part number and shows no washer, so I assume this is redesign and will work okay.

Another bigger picture of the difference.

This a new Honda OEM shift arm and spring. I really didn't need a new arm, but I accidentally bought one when I thought I was buying the shift shaft.

New shift shaft and shift arm together. The old set still has the spring on it in the background.

The spring goes on like this. didn't have a new one of these springs available so the old one will have to do.

This stopper arm and spring need to be removed and reinstalled properly.

Another new spring.

Shift shaft goes in.

Now the stopper arm and spring goes on.

Even Honda's need some loctite.

Stopper plate on.

I went through the gears with the shifter. It's not as smooth as I would have hoped and it kind of wanted to hang between gears. However if I spun the input shaft a bit after every shift it shifted better. Hopefully it will shift good once the engine and transmission is spinning.