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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I haven't blogged for a month, but it's not because their wasn't anything to be fixed.

I spent way too much time trying to rebuild my Trail 90 carb with two different junk float bowls. One had bad threads and one leaked at the base of the overflow tube. Hopefully the third bowl will work out.

The Vulcan began to leak oil again from the left cover and I assumed my polishing of the clutch rod wasn't good enough, so I ordered a new rod and seal and pulled it apart. The seal and rod were dry and good to go, but the alternator gasket was leaking so I resnugged those bolts. Gas was also coming out the accelerator pump on the carb again. My good used diaphragm wasn't good enough. I bought a new accelerator pump diaphragm, u-ring, and float bowl O-ring. The pump diaphragm and u-ring are common(and cheaper) to the Harley CV-40. The float bowl O-ring is a Kawasaki only part. Also I must have broken the front bolt of the air box support into head when I crashed. Hotsauce came over and tried left-handed bits and fancy ez-outs, but I still wound up doing a Heli-coil anyway. Columbus' son actually made me a new spacer for it to. So that was good.

Then the Shovelhead, so close yet so far. The transmission is in and the primary is on. The timing ain't quite timed right and consistently kickable. I may be switching from Hi-4 to a Dyna S. Ed drove up from Sunset, TX(160 miles one way) to help on two different Sundays and on his third trip the transmission in the car gave out halfway here. Ed noticed the rear axle needed some help all the wheel bearings were shot. Columbus helped me change the races in the front wheel and I haven't got much farther than that. The shovel is in the air with no wheels on it. I wanted to have it rideable for Just Kickers, but that's not going to happen. I will be there though.

The trail 70 is having wheel confusion and I'm not sure if the bearings are fulling installed or not.

I'm helping my wife build a garden path as well.

My dog had a seizure this morning, too.

See everyone at Just Kickers on Friday. I was planning on going on Thursday night, but it's a bit a chilly and and I am a bit rushed.

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