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Friday, May 17, 2013

Disk rotor spacer fabrication

So I'm still running this goofy 35mm dual disk narrow glide converted to wide glide with an aftermarket triple tree and spacer kit. I would swap it out, but something else always takes my money and the goofiness of it is something to talk about. At any rate Ed and I got to looking at the wheel bearings and spacers and those all need attention. I noticed that all the pads were good except the inboard left pad was metal to metal. It didn't seem to drag last I checked, but I think the rotor needs moved out a bit.

I bought a 0.025 inch sheet of aluminum at the hardware to build spacers out of.

Measure up my holes.

Clamp the metal with a sacrifical board to my drill press table. Then go to work with my circle cutter. Outside diameter first.

Pretty decent. I think slowing the drill speed will help with that hang-up spot.

I also figured out that clamping more like this would help reduce the amount of flex that happened as I cut the sheet metal.

Here are a couple of good starts.

I was at a lose as to how to clamp the circles down to cut out the donut holes. Luckily my cousin Paul was helping and he had the idea to use screws and washers to clamp the circles to board and then clamp the board to the drill press table.

That worked well.

So all that's left to dp are the bolt holes. The true position of the holes is not critical, so I used a screw and washer through one hole to attach it to a board and then used the spacer as a drill guide.

Not real pretty and not perfect, but they should function fine. De-burr the edges for safety sake.

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