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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shovelhead broke on a shakedown

So we finally got the kicker fixed and foot controls and hand clutch back on it at Columbus' house a little while back. I went to get it last night. It didn't sump a drop after being set for weeks and kick started reasonably well. It may need a timing tweak to be a one kick bike, but it's real close.

We rode to Twin Peaks for dinner. I have to admit that the hand clutch made riding it a lot less stressful at this point in my life. The Andrew gears are nice. It was bogging down WOT throttle, but that should be easy to fix.

After dinner it kicked off reasonable well again and we jacked with the air and idle screws just a bit and I headed home. It was still bogging WOT, but I was getting it home. Then it sounded funny and I flipped to reserve. It then lost power and I felt something hot blowing on my left leg and looked down to see the some fire coming out of something(it was dark already) and got it off the highway as quick as I could.

Rear head gasket. I was already think a rear valve seal was leaking, too.

I'm thinking it was due a re-torque. I was hoping to do that when I got it home from Columbus' house since I had to fix the kicker there. This 93 inch motor still doesn't have much over 100 miles on it. The transmission then kicker has broke on both shake downs. The Andrews geared transmission has about 50 on it.

Bike's back at Columbus' house. ugh

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