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Sunday, May 11, 2014

1500 Vulcan Oil Pump Gear Circlip Installer

So, if you're familiar with 1500 Vulcans then you probably know about the POG, JOG, and SOG. If you don't know or are considering a 1500 Vulcan, read up on it, here.

Anyhow, properly replacing a POG or a SOG that lost its circlip(item 480) requires splitting the cases. Obviously a major job.

So my friend Vulcan Scott had a POG and did a JOG and then lost the circlip. So he figured out a way to swap to SOG with splitting cases. I'm going to try to explain this process from what he told me and using the pictures he provided me.

Here's a picture of a POG and hell hole for reference.

Vulcan Scott practiced with the shaft of his old POG.

First off, he widened the circlip groove on the shaft of the SOG with a dremel and cut off wheel.

He then cut a nice bevel onto the end of the shaft with a dremel and grinding wheel.

Next he built a tool to hold the circlip in the hell hole during installation. It's a washer that fits over the shaft and then cut to a "C" shape. This was brazed onto a stiff wire. The circlip was "glued" to the C-washer with some sticky grease. Into the hell hole with it. Lay on your back and install the greased end of the gearshaft into the hole and turn it until the circlip finds its home. Prayers or swear words, whichever you prefer, are required during that last step.

Simple as a pimple, right?


  1. Thanks for the tip. My c-clip has come loose as well. I will be ordering new parts, then going to try this trick before splitting the case. I'm also going to see if I make the "hell hole" larger to have better access. If you have anymore helpful hints, you can email me at


  2. I was able to install the c-clip on a new steel oil pump gear without splitting the cases. I drilled a 1 1/8” hole above and to the right of the needle bearing where the oil pump shaft goes by using a picture of the inside of the case to know the layout. This is where I used a small mirror and flexible LED light to see the inside. My c-clip was still hanging on the flat shaft of the oil pump, so I didn’t have to figure out how to get one around the shaft. I made a similar tool as in this article, but used a large nut. I also rounded the end of the oil pump gear shaft, but I didn’t widen or modify the c-clip grove. I grinded the nut’s width until it fit between the oil pump and inside the case where the needle bearing is housed. I pulled the washer and c-clip forward using a small screwdriver, then slid the slot I cut in the nut over the flat shaft of the oil pump. It took about an hour of twisting and tapping the gear with a rubber mallet before the c-clip popped into place. Also, I had used a blind-hole puller to remove the needle bearing so I could install a new one before I installed the new gear.

    Wade H. Garrett

  3. Find me on Facebook at Wade H. Garrett, then go to my photos, then album named “Tools for a colonoscopy? Nope, replaced Vulcan oil pump gear.” I have pictures and a write up of how I did it. Only took a few hours after building the proper tool.

    1. Hi there herby from now Ireland would like to buy a gear tool for 1500 kawasaki if possible


  4. good afternoon, my name is jaime and I'm from Brazil I have a kawasaki nomad 1500cc year 1999/2000 I have to change the gear of the oil pump, I saw how you opened a hole in the engine. I ask can be left open or have to close the hole.