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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shovelfest VIII - Wednesday

Another year, another trip to Shovelfest. Yep. I have to ride the Kawasaki. I have got the nasty left side oil figured out on Mama Tried.

Pick up Trent on his new to him FLH.

On down the road to lunch at Conway, Arkansas. This place is good.

I saw the sign that said, "Ask for the Volcano Sauce." So I did. Oh my, that's stuff is choking-take-your-breath-away hot. Stick with #3 instead.

At Conway, we got off I-40 and got on US64 toward Memphis. It's a nice road and about the same distance as I-40. We hit a pop-up shower. I knew it wouldn't last and would be about 100 degrees on the other side. I figured on pushing through, but Trent stopped to rain gear up. I turned around and came back when I saw him stop. Now this is the silly part, see him way over there in the rain? I was under the canopy at a used car dealer, not getting rained on.

I figured if I had to stop, then I might as well save my boots from completely soaking through. I remember why there were two garbage bags and two little bungies in side pockets of my t-bag. I also remember that I took one out, oops. Anyhow,I can't seem to find any real boot covers for size 15 boots. So the folks at the dealership gave me two garbage sack and two big rubber bands. And yes,  they did ask me if I wanted to trade-in my bike for a car.

Not too much farther down the road we had to stop, because Trent was hot in his raingear.

Getting closer to Memphis, I had realized that I had made nice maps to get me to my buddy's, but I didn't have my handy analog navigation system. So I had to improvise at the dollar store. Masking tape and markers to the rescue.

That got us to the place just fine. Next time don't cover the tripmeter though and don't leave the tape on for more than a day or the glue leaves a mess.

I have this new action camera that only cost $40 on black Friday at Menard's. It ain't a GoPro for sure, but I have been playing with it a bit. The battery life is short. I turned it on the last leg of the trip and actually got something interesting on it. I was looking not at the road and trying to find I-55 when I had a near miss. Check this out. Kind of embarrassing because it was totally my fault.

We made it to my buddy's house in Memphis. This is my buddy Whit. He's been one my best friends since forever and we don't get to see each other nearly enough. He and his wife were awesome hosts. I should have taken pictures of the steak dinner and omelet breakfast that he cooked, but I scarfed both down before I could find my camera.

I almost forgot I bought the world's ugliest doo-rag at a gas station. It was ugly so I tried it on. It fit my size 8 head with a nice sweatband so I bought it.

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  1. Heh heh heh... you rode your Vulcan to a Harley gig... BWAAAHAAHAAHAA!