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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trail 70 Clean up

The full teardown is coming, so let's get the engine cleaned and ready to come out. Dump the oil. Take off the sparkplug guard. A nut in the middle, one on the shock tower, and two on the exhaust studs and the exhaust comes off.

Four bolts up top and two under the engine and the big brush guard comes off.

Now to the power washer. It worked pretty good, but it wasn't picking up the soap right.

We got most of the red mud and oil off of the engine, but we couldn't get the bottom to clean up real well. I tried some foaming degreaser and it didn't do it either. Check out this exhaust port. I thought it was broken and I would need a new head, but actually that is normal for the CT70's. I had to ask about it on the board to verify it though.

Now that it is relatively clean, I plan on building a stand for the bike and a stand for engine for rebuild. I am also planning on breaking all the torques on the screws, bolts, and nuts, before I pull the engine out of the frame.

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