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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trail 70 Stand Teardown

Up and onto the table. That was a chore to get it up on here by myself.

Left side off again.

Four bolts hold the pegs and sidestand.

Rear brake springs need to be out of the way.

I figured I would break torque on all the case bolts while it was still in the frame.

Here's my advice about this little impact driver from Harbor Freight. It's the only thing that will fit on some of the heads on the case, but I beat it to death on the tough ones. Use the little one when you have to on these bolts on get a bigger one for the others. Wear gloves. Get a real 2 inch long #3 Phillips, not bit holder and short bit. You loose impact with the extra pieces and the extra bit is now stuck in the little impact. I think my little impact is now junk, but the case all, but apart and I'm only out like 7 bucks.

I believe this is the only case screw that can't be turned a bit with the engine in the frame.

A long bolt holds the left side head cover.

Three screws hold the cam gear.

Three acorn nuts and a regular nut hold the rocker cover. I have no idea why they have the mismatched hardware, but it's correct.


I removed the bolt that holds the head to the cylinder. Tap with the ghetto mallet and the head comes off.

The head should come off with the engine in the frame, but not quite?

Let's try it with a flat front tire.


Wow, look at the carbon on that piston.

A little bolt holds this camchain roller.

Here's the compression leak on the exhaust valve.

Little oil seal here.

Bolt for the cylinder to the crankcase.

Cylinder comes off.

That piston is so cute.

Little oil seal here.

Strapwrench on the rotor to break the center nut loose.

Pull the rotor puller into the rotor. The big threads are left handed.

Hold the outside turn the inside.

The stator/magneto. Seven screws hold this together. Don't loose the woodruff key. Oops, too late, oh there it is.

Two bolts and a keeper hold the front sprocket on.

The engine has got come out to get any farther, but I'm done for now.

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