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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rear Shovelhead Before and After

If I was going to build a stroker, I definately needed to do something about these sad old heads. The rear was in the worst shape. Here's the oversized heli-coil in the rear exhaust stud hole.

This is the fin I broke working on things earlier.

Leaking sparkplug insert.

I measured the bore to be 3.725 inches. Just for reference to compare to the big bore diameter.

I sent the heads with crankcases to Truett and Osborn to be reworked. They did an excellent job and getting this head into shape.

The bore was enlarged. The headgasket surface was resurfaced and the threaded holes were spotfaced.

Exhaust port repaired.

New intake valve and head cut and lapped to match.

New exhaust valve and guide. Lapped and ready to go.

Sadly a miscommunication and the fin didn't fixed though.

Fresh aluminum and threads in the sparkplug hole.

Nice spot face on the outside, too.

I measure the new bore to be about 3.850 inches.

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