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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

61 Panhead Teardown

My friend "Panhead" Pat picked up this 61 Panhead a little while back. It's not quite complete and not quite correct, more of a mocked up start. He wants it right. So we needed to take it down to the frame for repairs of pretty much everything. This isn't my usual how-to play-by-play blog. The whole job was three sets of wrenches flying and we were done in 2 and a half hours. So I got the pictures I could. I'm not sure what kind of pictures I will be able to get on the rest of the rebuild.

3....2....1... go!

This suicide shift set-up will be going on to my shovelhead. Pat wants the correct shifting set-up.

Tanks gone. Pat say those are wrong and need to be 3 gallons not 5's.

Yeah, that's going to be cool on my bike.

Outer primary off. There were woodscrews holding that on.

Wolf, Pat's son goes to work on the rear fender.

What size is this?

Big washer to pull the pressure plate.

Clutch out.

Front sprocket stuck.

Not anymore.

Output shaft is not pretty. Time to take off the inner primary.

Wolf still working on that fender.

Pat finally has to help a bit.

Wolf onto the front fender.

Great job, Wolf!

Get this clutch pedal off.

Pull the clutch hub.

That didn't work get the impact.

Late model rod.

Still need to hold the hub.


Get the engine mount bolts out.

Off with the jockey handle.

Wiggle the motor to get the bolts.

Pull the motor.

To the bench.


Oil tank has to go.

The front left hole is wrong. It should be a thread hole, but it's stripped and had a nut on it.

I got this wrench stuck on it, too.

There we go.

Break the chain.

Tranny stud nuts.

On the bench now too.

Transmission plate.

Pat loosening things on the front end.

Wolf on the rear shocks.

Pat gets to the front wheel.

This is Harley tool just for pulling the lug bolts on drum brake wheels.

This ain't a Harley tool.

This is why the hole in a round swingarm is so long.

Bars and top three come off.

Forks off.

Almost there.

Get the brake line and swingarm.

Fenders struts going down.

Note the drop on the drop seat frame.

Ground strap.

Down to bare frame.

Officially a basketcase again.

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