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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Jockey Clutch Rod Part I:

I was thinking I wouldn't blog this project at this point, but I think I can salvage a useable piece from either the built piece or at least the lessons I learned from building it. I figured it was worth it to my 12 followers to see the process even if the product wasn't quite right the first time.

Here's the problem with my foot clutch set-up, according to Fabkevin and others, the clutch rod connects too high on the pedal and so the clutch throw is too short to have a smooth transition through the clutch friction zone.

I'm going to connect a heim joint down low.

Here's the basic shape of the rod to be build. I stole the idea to use tie down twist ties to get the basic bends from another blog, but I don't recall which blog or I would give proper credit for the idea.

Here's the rod I started with 1/2 inch round stock.

I cut the end off first, because the ends have a slight taper from the manufacturing process.

I drilled and taped the new rod and the clutch release arm. The how-to is written here.

I put the clutch rod and clutch release arm back on the bike to see where we were starting. The clutch release arm is too low and the chain still wants to kiss the arm.

Used MAP gas and plumber's torch to heat and pipe to bend the clutch release arm up a bit.

Looking better.

Now to mark the first bend of the rod.

Since there is not good way to get a wrench on the round stock, I drilled holes in the rod and use a pin punch to hold the rod when I adjust the jam nuts.

Now to make the first bend. Again MAP gas and pipe.

Mock-up and compare.

Second bend complete. The bar is too long to really check, but looks okay.

Another tight bend.

The basic shape is there.

This is where I screwed up. The bar was way too long and should have made several cuts to get to the right length.

Now to drill a hole in the pedal.

I found these and I think this will work for the peg on the pedal.

Well this looks pretty good, but...

... doesn't work correctly. Several things I have discovered at this point. The rod is too short. The clutch is not adjusted properly. I think the low peg for the rod interferes with the fulcrum of the pedal. The little hook part of the pedal, that I cut off, was a stop.

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