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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Jockey Clutch Rod Part II:

Still working this clutch rod out. This was my next planned move. Female 5/16 inch heim joints and 5/16 inch round stock. External threads are easier to cut because you don't have to drill a hole first. The 5/16 round stock is plenty beefy, too.  I found an awesome local source for heim joints.Smiley's Racing. They don't show many on the website, but they have a whole pegboard full them in the store.
If I had to do this over again this where I would start day one.

The pedal got some more attention. First the connection was too high then too low. I took the stop tab that I had cut off and had a friend weld it back to the top.

Drill a hole in the new tab

A little mock-up action to see how things were.

Not bad, but the clutch release arm is still adjusted too far forward.

I adjusted the clutch as far back as possible too avoid the snap backward from my last set-up. The good news bad news is that the filter housing will be my back stop now.

I have worked this arm over and over, but...

It still wants to kiss the chain. Next time I will use FabKevin's Extended Arm for sure. I just don't want to wait another week to get one in the mail.

More bending and unbending, but I finally got it right.

Now I had this brilliant idea to salvage the fat and too short rod I had built instead of the new skinny one from scratch. I needed just a couple of more inches to work with. The thing with heim joints is that they are always UNF(fine thread). This is so they are more adjustable, but try finding UNF all-thread, coupling nuts or even fully threaded bolts at your local hardware. That's not going to happen. So I found the longer 5/16-24 UNF bolt at Ace and built all-thread.

 Start a die down the bolt. (Take the jam nut of first though.)

Now you have a fully threaded bolt.

Put the jam nut back on and thread the bolt into the shaft.

Cut the head off of the bolt and run the nut off to clean up the last thread. Now the short rod has an extension stud.

Install two jam nuts and female heim joint.

Pretty good. I had to tweak the rod a bit more to fit where I wanted it and should have used loc-tite on the bolt at the pedal. It came out and I had to pull the rod with hand to slow down a few times on the way home. I'm glad there's a belt guard and the bend in the rod is a nice handle, but I don't want to have to do that again.

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