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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Band-aid solution for stroker pushrod clips

Learning stuff. My pushrods are leaking because a stroker needs 3 1/2 inch clips on the top and not 3 5/16. I couldn't get any locally and BigJim is sending me a set of stainless ones, but I have to get to Shovelfest to get them. Here's my solution to get my motor broke in and get to Shovelfest.
1/2 inch pipe, 1/2 copper coupling pipe because it has a larger ID than a pipe and the too short clip for reference.

Figure out 3.5 inches.

Dye it to mark it.

Use my wood working marking tool.

Brand new Dremel kit.

Chuck it up in the vise.

Trying to cut to it to exact length was a total hack job.

Square the end on the belt sander. I'm glad I started with 12 inches.

Something is wrong with this new Dremel it got hotter than my work piece and I had to put it down and rest it alot. It even made that neat burnt plastic smell. I never made it through a whole song on the radio without resting it. It's going back to the store.

Cutting down the length of the pipe first was better. I left a bit of material on each end to hold things together.

It's not really a full half of pipe, so I had to make three cuts and section part of it out.

I cut it to length well past the mark.

I sanded each piece to length and square.

This was the whole point of the pipe piece. The copper coupling needed just a slightly larger ID and this got it perfect.

I could clean off the dye and let the copper patina properly, but I won't. This is just for the next week or so.

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