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Friday, August 9, 2013

Trips to Doc's and cops

My new S&S heads, pistons, cylinders, etc, were at Doc's Hawg Clinic in Sunset, Texas. Doc is moving on to bigger and better things at Wind River Harley Davidson in Lawton. Ed was going to deliver my parts to me, but the jackshaft on his starter broke and he couldn't get a replacement from Rivera Primo  for a week or so. We decided that me going to get Ed and the parts was the only way we could get my bike together in time for Shovelfest. It's only 160 miles one way so a turn-and-burn is no problem.

Here's my high tech navigation system.

Remember Oklahoma is windy because Texas blows.

Getting there.

Uh-oh Texas state trooper wants to talk.

I was legally driving 75 mph. He flew by me at 85 or better. A mile or so later he slowed and I thought I might be coming up on a speed zone, but I wasn't. I clearly saw another 75 mph sign. You guessed it, another, "I saw you touch a white line," stop.

"I can see you're not intoxicated. Where are you headed? Sunset? Why are you going to Sunset? Oh Doc's. Can you step out of your vehicle to sign this warning? Any weapons? Any drugs? I saw a prescription pill on your seat. Can I search your vehicle?"


"Okay, but I have to check this pill. Do you know what this is?"

"Yeah, it's a nerd, you know the candy nerds?"

"I know what a nerd is. You're free to go."

Seriously what drug looks like one nerd, not even a bunch of nerds?  Strawberry Quick maybe?

Here's my warning.

The Hawg Clinic.

Lunch at the Longhorn Cafe in Bowie.

Everything I need from Texas. My parts and a case of real Miller High Life tallboys. I hope the Oklahoma Highway Patrol doesn't bust me for bootlegging "6 point" Texas beer into Oklahoma.

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