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Saturday, November 30, 2013

American Made:

These are unpaid endorsements for great American made products I use.

Thorlo Socks:
 I have been very picky about my socks from a very early age. I love these socks. I wear over calf western dress everyday. Yes people may baulk at $15 socks, but if you buy a pair you'll know where the money went.

Polar Bottles:
Lifetime warranty and free replacement caps.

Fisher Space Pens:
I like the triangular shaped pens the best.

Round House Overalls:
I prefer the dungarees. They are reasonably priced source for raw denim.

Honorable Mentions: These folk have some American made and imports so be careful.

Redwing Shoes:
I wear 2231's. Still made in the USA.

New Balance Shoes:
I wear 990's. Still made in the USA. I wish that they made them in a color besides gray in my size.


  1. Good list. I'd like to add Pointer Brand for great US made workwear

    1. Looks like good stuff. I haven't personally tried them though. Send me a pair 36X30 or 32 raw dungarees and I will write a review.

  2. This website carries only American made men's product. This is a good blog post on raw denim.

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