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Thursday, November 21, 2013

CT70 KO Forkleg Build

Remember this?

A few new parts and a few old parts, but I think I have everything laid out.

I'm using delrin fork guide from instead of stock whites. Here's my basic mock-up. These pogo sticks are so weird compared to a regular hydraulic front end. pipe(-2 or -3), boot(-9), cap(weird nut -7), dust seal(-14), delrin guide(-6), piston(-11), roll pin(-13), holder(no #), rubber stopper(-10), spring(-5), cover(-12), rubber stopper(-10), upper holder(-8).

Interesting. I remember something kind of rotting off the holder when I took things apart. I assume this for noise reduction, but I am not sure.

I think plumbers tape will do. Maybe I should have used electrical tape. I don't know.

This is a good chore for big boy to help with.

Big boy did the stoppers, too.

Boot on the pipe.

Grease the pipe. Install dust seal into cap and grease the dust seal.

Slide on cap and seal.

Grease and slide on guide.

Install piston onto pipe. Align holes,

Grease the holder and get the spring ready to go.

Yeah this is still tricky. The holders thread into the springs like a bolt, but yeah this is tricky. You can get them too tight it seems as well. The main thing here I believe to get both sets looking the same.

This part is important and yes I knew and still screwed it up more than once. Go figure. The stay on the upper holder needs to be on the same side as the brake stay and/or drain hole. I used a nail in the middle to mock this up. It's very easy to put things together 180 degrees out.

It's almost impossible to put a roll pin in place when your hands are completely greased up. The pin needs to go through the piston, pipe, and lower holder. I actually had the best luck using a bench vice to hold a C-clamp to press the pin in.

I think those are ready now.

So here's my engine on the build stand. I need to mount the coil to the frame, then the frame with the triple tree to the engine, then everything else will bolt right on.

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