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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Murdered out Iso Grips

I know that Kuryakyn Iso parts are about as rub-tastic as Live to Ride Eagles and LED engine light up kits, but they are comfortable. I have been buying Iso pegs at the swapmeet and having them powdercoated black to keep my bling factor down.

I have been wanting to do a set of Iso grips for quite awhile(even before the black sets came out). I finally managed to get a set of universals at the swapmeet on the cheap. I removed the end caps and sent the bodies to the powdercoater and this is what I got back.

It's easy to get the rubber back in them and of course make sure that you match the rubber pieces.

Just work it back in.

Add the cap back with four screws. I left the caps chrome for a little contrast.

Left side rubber pieces.

Left is tighter for the bar and right is fatter for a throttle tube.

Lummie donated the throttle tube for the cause.

That should work.

Whoa, this ain't quite right. The new grips are longer than my old ones. So the left grip is messing with my clutch level and the right has nothing to support the rubber off the end of the throttle tube.

I have a solution though. Find a piece of pvc pipe or coupling that fits in the grip nicely.

Cut to length.

Sand it some if the cut to length wasn't quite perfect.

Find a pvc pipe or coupling that fits the left grip and adjust it's length.

I use this stuff to glue my grip on. It holds good, but can be easily removed later.

I love my new grips. Nice and comfy and not too blingy.

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