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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vulcan 1500 Charging Issue Found

Time to get a look behind the left dust cover to see what's happening. That means the floorboard and shifters come off first.

FOUND IT! The plug and wires on the outside stator are toasty and even corroded. Why couldn't this bastard just burn itself to ground? That would have made my life easier for sure.

These plugs are known for doing this. I thought we had packed them with dielectric grease, but it still got dirty and hot. My wire routing may have hurt it a bit, too. The main starter motor lead was laying on top of the three wires and may have pulled the wires loose from the connections, or too tight  together, or something, or maybe not.

Roasty toasty.

The wires to the stator didn't get really hot, but the three wires to the 6 pin regulator/rectifier plug don't have any insulation left between them. So basically, I can't cut and solder the wire connections of the 3 pin plug together.  Without buying a new/used wiring harness, I will have to cut the 3 black wires from the 6 pin plug and solder the stator wires directly to those wires.

I rolled it out into the drive-way to wash everything down. I wanted to get as much grease and oil off of everything as I could to be sure of the wire color.

Check this out. All wires were touching and one wire was complete cut.

I really should run all the troubleshoots on the stator and regulator/rectifier, but I think I will just let everything get good and dry and solder things up and see if I can get 14 volts out of it with the spot lights on.

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