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Friday, January 2, 2015

Déjà Vu: Getting there little by little

It's hard to believe that I have put this much effort into a running bike and still not rode it anywhere. I have tackled all these little and big jobs before, but it was always just a little at a time I guess.

I replaced the rear brake pads and flushed/bled the line. Surprisingly, there was some pad material left back there at 8,000 miles.

I swapped the pipes and went ahead and did the MS clutch spring and Judge's washers. This spring was not slipping yet, but check out the wear marks at 8,000 miles.

Fresh rear rubber. You don't need to pull the fender to change a rear tire, but I needed to swap the rear fender so I pulled it.

So I put my new old fender on it. Oops, the wires are on the other side on this one. That's wierd.

Pull the fender again and reroute the wires.

Another Harley part that works well on a Vulcan. A HD laydown tag bracket wedge. For about $8, it works as well as any more expensive Vulcan specific tag laydown set-ups.

See these two holes pretty much line up.

I had planned to use the old tag bracket I had, but then I realized half of the fancy billet tag ring set-up that came with this bike could work with laid down wedge and that probably no one would give me $40 for the stuff that cost $165 in 2002. I had to cut down an L-key to get at the hidden hardware so close to the fender.

I kind of hated to do it, but the big sissy bar went back on. It's tough to build an all day long two-up bike when you are used to chopping stuff up to bare minimum.

Dang, I hit the front axle nut with an impact gun and more red mud fell out of the fender.

I tried to change the front tire and managed to pinch the tiniest hole in the tube. ugh. I pulled the brand new front fender from the attic and put it on the bike. All the green flames are gone now. I put a spare wheel and tire on the front so I could get it off the jack for the day.

Finish the front tire, finish a bit of wiring, and put a seat and bags on it, then ride it until it drops.

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