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Friday, January 2, 2015

Jason's Half @ss Shovel

So the goal was to figure out the nasty vibrations that have plagued Jason's bike in it's latest configuration. Paul called the meeting at Jason's house and the problem was to be determined and resolved(hopefully) by committee.

First order of business was to make sure the bottom motor mounts were torqued correctly and shimmed if needed.

Zip ties had been used to keep the shifter from vibrating apart.

The spacer for the top mount needed to be "machined" a bit to fit correctly.

The two-piece top mount is now a one-piece and the weld bead needed some clearancing.

Hit it with a hammer to see how much???

Pretty close.

A little dremel action.

Torque the nuts all down.

Ed, Lummie, and Dually supervise.

We tried everything to get the front engine sprocket completely torque.

And I don't think we ever got everything fully locked up and torqued, but close enough.

Hopefully, the loose motor stuff is all taken care of. Now onto the other issue, the ignition. One of the magnets came out of the rotor and ate the inside of the ignition all up.

Lummie donated a Dyna-S single fire ignition to the cause, but we soon realized that the rotor was nowhere to be found.

We did have this points plate, but it was wrong, too.

So we went back to my house and brought the proper points plate for an alternator(cone) shovelhead. The one on the left is correct for an alternator model. Note the length of the points cam follower. The one on the right is correct for a distributor style Harley motor(maybe an old Chevy??) If you run the short follower on an alternator shovel, your ignition will be too advanced regardless of how much you adjust it.

Paul's on it.

Just a little more help from the committee.

Almost all of the committee helps.

Jason wires the ignition switch.

Paul works on the petcock.

We had two 3 ohm coils for the single fire set-up. Running the dual fire points means running 12V to one post, jumper together two posts, and the trigger wire to the last post. That makes one 6 ohm coil at least good enough to get the motor running and see if the bottom end is the source of the vibrations

Install the battery. If something sparks you need to double check the wire routing. 

After limited success, more gas was added and it actually started. The bottom end seems just fine, but transmission mount, primary belt tension, and primary belt alignment are suspect at this point.

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