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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

08 Dodge Grand Caravan Front Hub Replacement

So when your wheel starts to whine and your anti-lock, stability control, and tire pressure lights start to randomly come on, then your wheel hut bearing is shot. You have to swap the whole assembly, but it's not really a tough job.

Pop the center cap off.

Get a 32mm socket, if you don't have one already. Break the torque on the hub nut while the wheel is still on the ground.

Reference my front brake write-up to get the wheel, caliper, and rotor off.

Remove the two bolts and the dust cover.

Remove the four bolts that hold the hub. The only tool that seems to fit is an open end wrench.

The standard hub puller that O'Reilley's has to lend doesn't fit, so borrow the three jaw puller instead. I always leave the nut on the end of the threads, in case it breaks free and tries to fly off.

The hub is off, but still attached with sensor wires. Take a look at the new hub and see how it comes apart. A plug like this.

Here it is.

Pull the red part and squeeze the rest to get apart.

Route wires, plug in, and install four bolts that hold the hub.(I hate bolts that I can't properly torque with a torque wrench.) Tighten the hub nut until it's snug for now.

Make sure this wire is back out of the way.

Again reference my front brake write-up to get the rotor, caliper, and wheel back on.

Drop the van and torque the hub to 118 ft lbs. Install center cap. The idiot lights will stay on for a bit, but then turn off and the hub shouldn't hum going down the highway.

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