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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Shovelhead crank spacer condition

Tomorrow is now. Let's get this figured out. I pulled the nut and "pipe tool" spacer and this is what I found. It's oily-gooey around the splines and spacer and yes some surface rust on the spline.

This is actually a good sign. Oil has seeped out from being parked. I would think that this would point to a seal problem more so than a crank case pressure issue.

Definitely oil coming out from the spline area and maybe the outside of the seal.

Well this is not expected. The holes I drilled to get the seal out should be bleeding like that. I don't know if that's a return issue or a regular old little sump issue from sitting four months.

Delkron cases, so I pulled the drain plug and it completely filled this drip pan.

Clean this up and take a look.

The little drain return here seems clear so that's good now.

Here's how the spacer fits to the crank. I think this is too loose and from the witness marks I would think it chattered and vibrated. I need a new spacer. I'm not sure if it was always loose or got loose when the front primary sprocket got loose.  I don't have one today, but that's the next move.

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