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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lummie's New Springer

So my buddy Lummie moved to South Dakota and left me a bunch a parts he didn't want and just some fond memories. Then he calls me up to go look at a bike locally and see what I think and get pictures. If he decides to buy, then I get to ride it for him until he can come pick it up. So here it is.

Aftermarket 5 speed kicker kit. Groovy mid peg set-up, but I know I could talk Lummie out of the pegs.

Gold plated springer bits.

Check out the coils and connections for the ignition.

Nearly new rear tire.

Some rust on the hubs.

Here's the ignition brain box. MDS Pulse, high dollar and programmable (I don't see the point on a stock 80 inch Evo)

Overall, not a bad sled.

Yes, started raining on me forty miles from home.

So Lummie decides he wants it. So I have my wife drive me like 40 miles one way to go get it. Then I drive it home with just one hiccup, but otherwise it drove and ran great. I get home and I start playing with the kick starter a bit and I'm having mixed results, but mostly success. That's when I decide to e-start it and run it for a bit to make sure I hadn't flooded it or anything.  The e-start barely makes a click. I can't figure how messing with the kick had affected the e-starter. Well, it hadn't.  I checked the battery and the voltage was like 9V.  I was really lucky to have made it home on this bike. Battery(supposed to be new), stator, or regulator? Park it with the trickle charger on it for now.

Oh and then there's this. Everyone keeps telling me that EVO's and 5 speed don't leak.

Lummie showed up like two weeks later, before I could fix it and ride it. Luckily the stator was still putting out good AC, so it only needed a regulator. Lummie brought a Dyna-S to put in it as well.

Put up level on the jack and leak was clearly an overfilled primary. Oil went everywhere when we popped off the derby cover. As Pat says, "Another expert Harley mechanic. The internet is full of them."

Time to swap the regulator and ignition.

Yep, we had to pull a tank to find the VOES switch connected to the brain box.

I had to leave for a bit, so I didn't get all the repair action, but here's how it finished up. New regulator and no ignition box out front.

Here it is ready to go to South Dakota. I was really bummed that I only got to ride once.

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