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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Fuel, spark, and compression that's all that makes the bikes go. I have carb parts and coil parts on order from so I'll get to checking the compression. Here's my harbor freight special.

The littlest adaptor is the one you need.

Several kicks, but no compression to be found. I have been a bit concerned about the intake valve give the way the tape on the intake seems go out at one point in the kick through.

So I check the gage on the running bike and it seems to be better. I figured out it's easier to check the gauge function with a rubber tipped blow gun. The gauge should match the regulator setting. duh.

So I figure I will get the left cover off to find TDC and adjust the valves to see if that's where the leak is. Remember that stripped screw head? Well I read that one of these was great for working on these little Honda's with seized bolts and soft phillips heads.

This my new favorite tool. It got the stripped head screw out no problem.

Here's what's under the left cover. The magneto, alternator, final drive type stuff.

Find TDC.

Intake valve tappet is way tight when it should wingle.

The square is the tappet adjuster and the hex is the locknut.

Adjust to 0.002 inch clearance on the valve.

Same song, different verse, a little bit louder, a little bit worse. Full teardown to follow.

1 comment:

  1. My father the ASE Master tech said, "Pull the duct tape off the intake and try again." That helped but it still only got like 40 psi, so still needs to be rebuild.