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Monday, May 9, 2011

CT 70 Head and Valve Teardown

Big boy takes off the tappet caps.

The right side cover comes off with screws, since the long bolt is already gone.

If you look really close you can see the threads inside rocker arm pins.

I forgot the thread pitch, but at this point plenty of bolts are laying around. The footpeg mount bolt fits.

Screw it in and pull it.

Okay, I should have pulled the tappet adjuster screw and lock nut, before the rocker arm pin, but it still comes apart okay.

Now the valve spring compressor.

When the spring pressure is off, then the keepers come out.

Here's the exhaust valve components. I need to check all the free lengths on these springs, to see if I can re-use them.

Exhaust valve is dirty, but seems reuseable. I'll see how they lap out.

The pad on the rocker is terrible. I'll need a new one.

There's a collar one and seal the exhaust side only.

Bag and tag.

On to the intake side, here's the rocker arm pin.

Intake rocker is smoked, too.

Cam falls out.

Seems good enough to be re-used.

Here's the intake valve guide. It doesn't take the collar and seal, like the exhaust.

Exhaust valve guide.

Exhaust valve seems to be useable.

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