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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kay County, OK

Well, I started with a ride to the Ponca City Airport.

There's a Mexican restaurant there.

All my friends are already here.

Even these guys.

Order the number one.

Nate went outside and looked for his bike. He's scratching his head trying to remember where he parked it.

"Dang, where did I park my bike?"

 I guess he'll have to ride home in that truck.

Okay hopefully I'm not putting too much information out onto the world wide web, but oh well.

My family has a lot of roots in northern Oklahoma.

This is my grandparents grave site.

This is the big marker for my grandmother's family.

My great-grandmother.

My great-grandfather.

My great-great-grandmother.

My great-great-grandfather.

My grandparents farmed near here and my uncle still owns land that was part of the 101 Ranch at one point.

Here's the marker by the old store and mansion site.

This is where the 101 Ranch Company Store sat. I remember the white building being there when I was a kid. I think it burned down in the late 1980's sometime.

Here are some more markers and information at the site.

Where the White House was...

One the south side of the river there's Cowboy Hill where a few folks are buried.

We think this was someone's dog.

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