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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New brake lever

So after I built my new backing plate I decided that I really didn't like the foot reach to the brake pedal. So back to the drawing board. I made drawing of the original lever and about where it fit with the original plate. I dimensioned out the original peg to pedal distances about 4 inches up and out.

Now to put a pedal hole at the same dimensions from the new peg hole on the new plate and draw the lever around it. I figured on an 8 inch center to center, but I after feeling that on a mock up I wanted to try a 7 inch center to center.

I had planned to build the new lever with a sawzall like the new backing plate, but I didn't have the drill bit big enough for the center hole and the three other holes needed to be counterbored and I didn't have that bit either. I could have swapped those for countersunk instead. So as it turns I had a friend with a CNC and he could slip this through for free so I let him. I did go ahead have six equally placed instead of just three. That will give me more adjustablity.

I did cut it out with sawzall and sand it smooth with the belt sander.

I was a bit concerned because the counterbores weren't quite deep enough. We will see how it goes.

Put all this square to the world.

This should be close to right. It's a press fit, but the bolts pull it all on nicely.

The end cap goes on and this feels great. It's works way better than the original in this set-up.

The lever stock is 3/8 inch and not 1/2 so the shallow counterbore doesn't affect the fit and the sleeve is still long enough that the lever won't slide around on the pivot. There is a gap and I may rebuilt with thicker stock later, but it fits and I want to ride soon.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nice design (and manufacturing)
    What is the plate thickness and material (aluminium I guess)