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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kawasaki Gas Cap Key

So I use a Harley style key switch on the my Vulcan and then I don't always have my Kawasaki key with me. This is a problem, because at least twice I have gotten out somewhere and not been able to open my gas cap. I decided to fix that. It's not a new idea, but I was having trouble pulling off and with being too kitschy.

Start with a fresh key copy and paint it with dye chem.

Mark it in place.

A second mark for about the height of the knob.

Cut it.

Not a good picture.

Here's my knob. I wanted hex stock and simplest way to get it was a cheap set of jumbo hex L-keys  for about $10. I will use just a little bit of this wrench and still basically have the full set of L-keys if I actually need them.

Start a nice straight groove with a hacksaw.

Do the rest of the work with a cut-off wheel.

Fit it up and check it out.

Once I like the fit, it's time for J-B Weld.

Stuck now.

Cut off what I need.

Sand things down and clean it up. I'll paint it black of course.

It works, but I may try again. It sits a little high and I think I would do a lot more fitting on the bike to get it to sit nice and tight to the cap.

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