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Thursday, December 20, 2012

CT70 Teardown to Frame Part 1

Take the engine back out.  

All this has got to go.

Four bolts hold the rear fender on. Two here.

Two bolts here.

Two bolts hold the battery holder.

Unplug the voltage regulator.

Two bolts for the seat catch.

Up, turn and out.

Taillight wires.

Fished them out.

A bolt each in the fork leg.

Nothing really holding this bar on right now anyway.


I didn't actually use it to loose the steering stem top nut, just to measure. Is that 28 or 29 mm?

I only had a 29mm socket, nothing a 28mm.

The nut wasn't tight and the 29 seemed maybe a bit of loose fit on the nut though. I will take the up to the tool shop and see if the 28 is better.

This left bar is bent and the knob is jammed, too. I'm going to play with a couple of ideas to see if the can get the knob out without breaking it.

Bike with no top tree.

This seems okay.

This seems broke.

This nut was loose enough to get off with a hook spanner.

Seems good.

I'm not too worried about loosing these balls. I have set of All Balls(Timken style) bearings to go back up with.


Front wheel needs to come off.

This stuff looks okay.

Flip to get the rear wheel off.

Disconnect the rear brake stay.

Okay the rear axle is really stuck. I have to hammer the axle every last millimeter. I had to use my shed steps to get it too.


This is gross.

That axle was so stuck that it took the bearing most of the way out. I was going to remove the bearings anyway for powdercoating the hubs and wheels.

Here's the snap ring that holds the sprocket on.

This is ugly, but hopefully my powdercoat can hammer that back decent or I will be robbing more parts off the red bike.

That's enough work for one night.

I still need to built a steering stop.

I heard that tires rusted to the rims are a problem so I gave them a little Rust Buster to soak in.

Parts and parts. Mostly I will have to tear the red bike this far down soon, too.

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