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Saturday, December 1, 2012

CT70 Tried to run, but carb issues

The plan is to make sure the engine runs and then take it back out and do everything else that needs to be done.

I got the 45° neck pod for DrATV. It fits the carb but the frame tab is still a problem. A wedge shaped insulator at the head, a CT90 kick-out intake manifold, or cutting the tab off are options, but at this point I'm going back stock. I has only doing a pod for simplicity sake and buying/modding stuff is silly when I have most of the stock stuff around.

Just about there. I need a way to start it. New kicker arm and rubber. Both brand new Honda parts.

That's really tough to work on.

One the shaft and bolted on.

It took me a few days after my accident, and some help from my buddy Columbus to get things going and the little bike down from it's stand.

After looking at the wiring diagram I realized that the key switch needs to be bolted in for the chassis ground. So this key way...

lines up with this tab.

There is a special castlelated nut and I have the tool to put it back.

The rotor and ignition wires need plugged into the main harness.

Columbus puts gas into the IV bottle.

Gas tank ready to go.

Fuel line to the carb.

Valve from the IV bottle.

Battery goes into place.

There should be a video of me kicking off this bike and it running but no. It wasn't getting gas to carb bowl. We did get it to run putting gas into the carb intake. Off-On-Res no luck at all. We had gas just about anywhere, but the carb bowl.

So I went to take out the drain screw and investigate what was up. It was tight, pliers were used of course. Then the drain screw broke clean off.

ugh. Something wasn't right with it. I don't think it was cross-threaded and I know I only put it in finger tight. I had even noted that threads were tight when I rebuilt it a long time ago.

Parts on the way.

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