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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CT70 Bike Build Stand

These Trail 70's are interesting bikes. I was going to build mine from the ground up like I would a regular bike. Make the frame into a roller and then add the motor. After reading a bit on ground up building on the board, it seems most folks start with the motor and build around it. Generally a milk crate is a good motor stand to start working from. Since I was needing to clear the good motor of the workbench and the bike stand and locked motor off the shop floor, I had another plan. The bike stand when back onto my tablesaw/router.This thing will probably be overbuild, but I'm going to be building at least one more Trail 70 so figured I would need this again for sure.

This is motorstand and it will be the basic idea for my build up stand on my bike stand.  I won't use it, because I will still need a motorstand to hold my locked motor for a bit.

Six 4 inch sections of 2X4's.

Two 14 inch pieces for the base.

Clamp together with a 4 3/4 inch spacer.

Attach with deck screws.

Measure the outside dimensions.

Cut two more sides and layout the next level.

Here's all three levels laid out. I'mgoing with mending plates between the levels and securing the stand to the plywood with L-brackets. I'll need to unscrew the L-brackets when I get the wheels attached and I'm ready to put the bike on the ground.

I'm think about 34 inches to back support will put the bike about were it needs to set on the bike stand.

That looks pretty good, but the motor is not quite balanced and wants to fall with just a little bump.

So I decided a front support is needed.

Good motor and bad motor both have a home now and I should be able to work on my bench for a bit before I build the motorcycle around the good motor.

All the parts for bike are just chilling over here in these tubs. Now to really get to work.

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