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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shovelhead 4 Speed Saga: Going Up Part 6

So I catch some grief for putting a speedo drive in my transmission when I wasn't going to use it to drive a speedo. It seems that unused speedo drives aren't water tight. So I found this cover set-up on ebay. I would think there is a Harley number for something similar, but I couldn't find it.

This o-ring will seal things nice and tight.

Plenty of blue loctite to seal up the threads.

It came with this stainless steel socket. If you were ambitious to make this set-up cleaner, then you should trim the overhang and get a button head screw to match.

The torn out slinger had been replaced and a new one spot welded to the clutch pushrod.

The heat and placement of the weld made the face no longer flat and square. That's a problem for bearing that needs to run here. We filed and sanded the surface flat again and socket and hammer to massage it back square.

Here's the throw out bearing stack up. Thrust washer, bearing and bushing, thrust washer, and snap ring.

Thrust washer number one.

Bearing and bushing next.

Top thrust washer.

The snap ring groove here.

Install snap ring.

Oil everything up and the shaft, too.

Slide the pushrod slinger bearing assembly into the mainshaft.

I'm not sharing pictures of the rest of the day. We went to torque the kicker shaft nut, which happens to be the part as countershaft nut and pulled the nut's threads. Déjà vu. The kickershaft threads were toast, too. It was actually lucky because somehow we had missed these nasty worn out busted up teeth on the kicker crank gear. Replacing this now will save my knee later. Back to waiting on parts.


  1. Like your tack weld idea. I came up with the same thing (it makes a disturbing amount of sense!) on mine then found your page. I MIGed it and was fast enough not to distort the slinger but won't pretend there wasn't some luck involved. :-)
    I also found out Shovel throwout bearings fit Evo pushrods. If you don't want to pay bucks for a larger Evo throwout, spot face the 5-speed ramp thrust washer area to .985" diameter x .100" deep and install the Shovel part.

  2. Hi guys, I wanted to know Why it was so obvious to weld the oil slinger on the clutch pushrod ? To secure it ? how is the stock one mounted ? I'm disassembling my tranny soon, and I'd like to know if it is a no brainer and if I should definitely weld it in place while I'm at it or not especially ?

  3. just a guess but press fit?(interference fit is the technical term)