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Monday, March 4, 2013

Homemade Harley Front Sprocket Socket

This is how to build a front sprocket socket for a 4 or 5 speed Harley transmissions. It's equilavent to Harley Part Number HD-94660-37B. The basics of making one of these at home has been shown a million times, but I wanted to include the extra lathe work to remove the chamfer for the standard 1 7/8 socket. That chamfer helps the socket slide onto a standard nut, but it makes the socket want to slip of the thin sprocket nut.

The work, the pictures, and the rest of this post come courtesy of Columbus(Warpig62). He's good with tools and a blackberry, but can't figure out how to blog anything.

Here are the pieces laid out- one 1 and 7/8" socket; one piece 3" 3/16 wall tube x 6" long

So you lop off the Socket along a lateral point. This particular one had 2 lines around it making it pretty easy

You then face edge you cut- remember the nut you are trying to get on is only about 3/8" thick so if you don't you will either apply uneven force to the nut or not get on it solid enough to apply the appropriate torque.

So while it's a close fit, the outer diameter of the socket is about a 1/16" smaller than the inner diameter of the tube. So- I used pipe cleaners to center the socket ends in the tube. Be sure to check that you are even around the diameter. The closer the better but EXACT does not have to be the only option

So now either put the whole thing in the toaster over in the garage (handy for this sort of thing or making a snack) if you use your wife's kitchen oven, be sure to make sure all your parts were clean 1st or A) she WiLL be pissed and B) your next couple of meals will taste funny! Heat the parts to about 350 and start to weld

Will this handle a tranny nut---yeah. Maybe over kill a bit but- hey, it only cost me $30 to make as opposed to the factory cost. One of the local Indy suppliers said he could get me one for $100.... I like mine just the same.


  1. Hello,

    Nice work! I am about to remove the front pulley on my bike, and I'm curious why the socket has to be so deep? I can't see a reason for it. I have a 1-7/8" socket that fits fine, so what am I missing? Thanks in advance.


    1. The nut on engine mainshaft(front primary drive pulley) probably doesn't need the depth. This tool is the tool for the transmission mainshaft nut the holds the front(secondary) chain(belt) sprocket. The mainshaft of the transmission sticks out forever.

    2. Great. Thanks for the speedy reply!!