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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dilemmas and Compromises

So I have a buddy that has been looking high and low for a 1974 Oklahoma motorcycle plate to run on his 1974 Shovelhead. He finally figured out that there were never any 1974 Oklahoma plates issued. There was a riot and fire at Big Mac in 1973 and no 1974 plate were ever produced or distributed. So every tag issued in 1974 was a 1973 tag with a 1974 sticker. So now at least my buddy knows what he's really looking for.

Well I found one at the swap today. It's a bit rougher than I would like, but these are an odd rare bird. Then there's the rub. The gentleman that had it is someone I don't particularly like to do business with.  He's always on the high side and never deals down. So I had to figure if I wanted to buy it from him or not. It was tough to pay more than I wanted to for it, but I figured it would still be worth it if my buddy likes it.

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