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Friday, March 21, 2014

Shovelhead Rattlecan Repaint Part 7 - Painting the hidden side

Yes, I'm still not completely done with this set of tanks. The color in the pic is off a bit, but the flat side of the tank is still primer grey. Don't leave thing just in primer. Yeah, it has a nice rat rod look to it, but the primer doesn't seal out moisture. If you run it for a year it will rust. So I'm just throwing some paint in the middle to keep the rust away.

Tape off the edge of the pretty part.

Same with the underside.

Now more tape and paper to cover the rest of the good side from overspray.

Time to paint.

That's a good coat.

Tape and paper on the other tank.


Fish-eyes! ugh. Normally this is real bad, but not a big deal on the hidden part. This is caused by either oils or gasoline residue on the surface prior to paint. This is exactly the reason we have used a barely moist mineral spirit rag to wipe down the surfaces between coats of paint.

The paint on the first tank is dry so we need to pull the tape off as soon as possible. Oops, we taped off some of the primered spots.

We cheated with the masking and did some touch up work.

Dang missed another spot.

Another quick mask off and touch up paint.

Finally these are good enough to mount and leave on.

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