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Monday, September 1, 2014

CT70 Short Leg Seat: Part 1

So big boy is still too short for his bike. I have to do something to get his knees in the breeze. I got this seat with a bad cover, cracked pan, and decent foam.

Lummie welded up the crack and blasted and painted the pan. I thought about building high density foam from floormats or something, but the shape is odd with the ridge in the middle.

I decided to cut down stock foam. The end result will not be particularly cushy, but 8 year-olds are tough.

I picked up an electric knife at a garage sale just for jobs like this. I'll need to cut at an  upward angle to leave some foam everywhere and not hit the metal.

That went well.

Make the other side match.

Now scoop out the middle.

That's pretty much it. I really banana'ed it, so that there was still plenty of cush in the front and rear to help keep the boy on it. I'll have this covered by a professional though.

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