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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shovelhead Rear End Re-do. Part 2: Sprocket and Brake Rotor

Mount some fresh rubber first.

Then employ child labor to use a thread restoring tool to clean the disk side holes.

Fresh, flat, shiny, and new rear brake rotor.

I had some discussions with Ed(Bikerx775) about GMA brake calipers and finding a nice thick rear rotor. I wish I could get an 11 1/2 inch rotor directly from GMA, but they don't seem to make one. So I got this one, I'm not sure the fitment for an 11 1/2 inch rotor, but the bracket(originally for a swingarm bike and modded to rigid style) I have uses 11 1/2 rotor. The minimum thickness is marked 0.205 inch.

The thickness as I measured new was somewhere between 0.230 and 0.240.

The allen heads of the old bolts where suspect and I really didn't want to run the risk of trying to get them out again in the future. So I bought fresh Torx head bolts from Colony. Luckily, this kit was on the same page as the rotor.

I'm going to use some Loctite red, but I'm going to put it on the threads near the bolt head. My thoughts being that Loctite near the top will give with a torch and come apart when I need it to.

Run them down and criss-cross pattern torque. I think the book showing 25 ft*lbs.

Oops, these shims were under the old rotor. These need to go back in I believe.

Rotor comes back off. Child labor still earning his keep.

Shims back in place and Big Boy gets a lesson on how to use a torque wrench.

Clean the threads on the sprocket side.

Clean these bolt threads, too.

This is a 46 toother, it may be a bad idea. If I can't take off without lugging the motor, I'll just swap back to 48 tooth. I figure fresh lock washers and I won't loctite on this side.

I believe the correct torque for these is 45 ft*lbs.

Did I tell you I put a nice new tire on? The wheel and new tire wouldn't go back onto the bike. I told the shop the correct size, they ordered wrong, then ordered correct and I waited another day. I still walked out with the wrong one. I didn't double check it before I mounted it. I doubt I make that mistake again.

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