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Monday, October 6, 2014

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Preppers will tell you that you can do anything with these. Survival nuts say they aren't worth a darn. I keep one in my saddlebag(and a few in my four wheel vehicles, too).  I figure that I could lay on the hot asphalt if I had to, make shade if I needed to, or whatever. Then I actually used on of these riding across Illinois on Sunday. I was plenty geared up, but the cold wind was still getting to my chest. I just unfolded it, made a squarish wad of it, and shoved it inside the front of my jacket to cover up my chest. It helped a bunch. It was the first thing that had to come out when it finally warmed up 250 miles later in Missouri.

If had been riding with a buddy, I would have cut it in two and made more of a poncho out of each piece.

Comes packed this small.

Unpacks this huge, but probably doesn't repack very well.

Amazon has them in ten packs.

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